All Black & Blue, Bruises of a Queen's Crown•2020

In the American justice system, a confession is considered the queen of criminal evidence.  The most powerful piece in the strategy-based board game of chess holds the title of the “queen” and the objective of the game is to place the opponents prized member, the “king” under an inescapable threat of capture.  

There are many parallels to draw upon between chess and life.  For example, the family dynamic where the man is viewed as the head of the household yet the woman often does the work of maintaining the family dynamic.  Another example would be polar battles of race and class, policing strategies and in this case, a queen sacrifice, which results to gain favorable tactical position.

At 19 year old, Bobby Jean Johnson was suffocated and brutally assaulted in the inescapable confines of a New Orleans police station where they acquired the forced and coerced confession that lead to her life sentence in prison.  Maintaining her innocence, for 40 years she bared the weight of that conviction to finally live as a free woman today. 

All Black & Blue, Bruises of a Queen's Crown
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